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A graphic design podcast with Insights and interviews into what goes on behind the scenes of a design business.

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In the graphic design blog you'll find my rumblings about what it takes to run a successful design business.

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7 Tips For Building Design Client Loyalty – RD109

7 Tips For Building Design Client Loyalty – RD109

When it comes to your business, everything you do and everything you don’t do tells your clients how they should feel about you and your business. Being a great designer isn’t enough to garner client loyalty. There are plenty of great designers out there. So why should someone choose you over any of them?

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What people are saying about Resourceful Designer

I absolutely love this podcast. Mark is clear, concise and very easy to listen to. I'm ashamed to say I've only recently heard of this podcast but have managed to find the time to listen to every single episode to date! Thanks a mill!!

Aemen from UK

I am just starting my home graphic design business and came across your pod cast a couple of weeks ago. After listening to that show I had to go back and start at the beginning. Thank you for this resource it has helped answer questions that I did not know that I had.
Sndsakaitis from USA

I have been an independent graphic designer working out of my home studio for over a decade and I LOVE listening to this podcast! Mark is so positive and helpful. Thank you for your generous time and for your great podcast.
Nicki from USA

Even though this podcast targets designers who run their own business from home, all designers will benefit from the topics discussed. I have personally gleened an incredible amount of useful information and resources from Mark to strengthen both my passion for design and my business. I strongly recommend you have a listen to this podcast!
Dan from Canada

I love these podcasts! They are so helpful and give me simple tips to running my new design business productively. Really great to hear from someone who has achieved longevity in this business with steady clientele! Awesome information!
Lesa from USA

A great graphic design podcast providing many helpful tips and trix you can and should implement in your own graphic design business. With excellent sound quality and an inspiring tone Mark helps all graphic designers to grow, every week inspiring us to stay creative.
Jocke from Sweden


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