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The Resourceful Designer Community

The Resourceful Designer Community is a tight group of designers dedicated to growing their design business. Inside you will find resources, videos and like-minded people to help you succeed.

Facebook Groups may be free to join, but they are over crowded and filled with people who are not your peers. The advice you receive in them is often contradictory and confusing.

As a paid membership you know that the Resourceful Designer Community is made up of designers who are serious about their business and their success. This devotion and commitment means better conversations, better advice and better friendships.

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Membership Benefits

All Members

• As a member, you will have access to the Resourceful Designer Community web pages which contain all design resources exclusive to the Community.
• You are invited to join and participate each month in a live video chat covering a topic related to running a design business.
• As a member, you will have access to the Resourceful Designer Slack Group where Community members interact. The Slack group is the perfect place to share your work, seek advice, help fellow designers and get to know your fellow community members. It's where friendships are born.

Executive Members

• Executive Members are part of a private Mastermind Group. Once per month the mastermind group meets via video chat to share and discuss in-depth details about their individual design business. Every month a different member has the stage to seek advice from their peers. The conversations then continue in a private Slack Mastermind Channel. Think of the Mastermind as your own private accountability group making sure you stay on track as you grow your design business.

Private Members

• On top of all the other benefits, Private Members have the added benefit of a monthly 1-hour one-on-one coaching call with Mark. Let Mark be your mentor.